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Ardex X18

ARDEX X18 is a Fibre Reinforced Flexible Non Slump Wall and Floor Tile Adhesive.

Fibre reinforced for extra strength and peace of mind. Excellent workability with low sand content. Non-Slump - Ideal for large format and heavy tiles on floor and walls

Walls: 11m2 per 20kg
Floors: 7m2 per 20kg

Colours- White/Grey
5kg bag & 20kg bag

Ardex X52

Economical Flexible Rubber Modified Tile Adhesive

Fast drying - Grout after 6-8 hours . High Coverage with excellent workability & suitable over green screed.
Internal and external

Walls 13-15m2 per 20kg bag
Floors 8-10m2 per 20kg bag

Colours- Off white
20kg bag

Ardex Isoflex

Two Part Flexible Underlay/Adhesive for Wall and Floor Tiles

Highly flexible - accommodates normal expansion/contraction associated with timber and concrete up to 1.3mm. Tile to a wide range of substrates, including direct to timber. Reduces impact and airborne noise transmission
Highly flexible – achieves S2 classification and 2:1 mixing ratio – easy to measure on site

Colour- White
20kg liquid/ 2 x 20kg powder

Ardex LQ 92

Undertile Levelling Compound

Self smoothing - provides level concrete floors, perfect for tiling. Polymer modified - can be applied from feather edge
up to 25mm. Early walkability - can be walked on or tiled over after 4 hours.
Cement based - compatible with ARDEX cement based tile adhesives

Coverage is 20kg unit covers approx 3.8m2 at 3mm

Colour - Grey powder
20kg bag

Ardex X68

Extended Coverage Flexible Non Slump Wall and Floor Ultralight Tile Adhesive
Light to spread and light to move around. Ideal for all tile types including fully vitrified, porcelain and mosaics
Internal and External. Suitable for swimming pools and wet areas. Flexible – Ideal for large format tiles on floors and walls.
Extended open time

Walls 8m2, Floors 5.5m2

Colour- White,
11kg bag

Ardex D2

Premium Non Slump Wall Tile Adhesive
Excellent workability with no mixing required
Unique formulation for use in wet areas
Internal wall applications

Walls 9-11m2

Colour- White
22kg bucket

Ardex Multiprime

A water-based primer used for improving the adhesion of ARDEX products to various porous substrate.
Easy to apply with a sponge, brush or roller with applications of subsequent products able to take place with minimal downtime.
ARDEX Multiprime is suitable for both internal and external, wall or floor applications.

4 Litre bottle

Ardex P9

A single Part Primer is a water-based primer used for improving the adhesion of ARDEX products to smooth, dense and various non-porous substrates.
It is easy to apply with a brush or roller with applications of subsequent products able to take place with minimal downtime.
ARDEX P9 Single Part Primer is suitable for internal and external wall or floor applications.


A premium water resistant, flexible rubber based, fast setting, cementitious adhesive for bonding ceramic and stone tiles to porous and non-porous surfaces subject to vibration and thermal movement.
The ceramic tile adhesive will be a water-resistant

Coverage approx.-
20kg will cover 10m2
using a 10mm notched
trowel (floors).


A multipurpose, acrylic primer/bonding/waterproofing agent for concrete, screeds, renders and cement based pre-mixes to masonry surfaces

Coverage approx.-
Primer: 15m²/litre
Bonding Slurry: 3-4 m²/litre
Mortar Additive: 1m²/litre (10mm thick in a 3:1 sand/cement mix)



StickIt is a new generation adhesive specifically designed to fix loose or drummy tiles without having to pull them up and re-lay.
The StickIt Tile Injection Kit comes complete with everything you need and is easy to use and available in 1 litre and 5 litre kits for small or large jobs.

StickIt can be used to fix a range of issues like-

Drummy or delaminated floor and wall tiles
Loose laminates
Creaking wood floors
Timber joint or crack adhesive
Reinforce cement render or plaster


Applied Concrete Solutions Screed is a pre-blended screed mixture for the installation of cementitious screeds and beds.
ACS Screed is a grey powder, consisting of specially graded sand, cement and additives.
Specifically formulated to create easy to use and apply cementitious screeds suitable for the installation of tiles, vinyl and carpet.
ACS Screed is suitable for internal and external floor applications, including balconies, bathroom floors and showerbases,
in both bonded and un-bonded screed applications.


A premixed, engineered, polymer-modified screed for internal and external use to achieve falls for water runoff and to level uneven surfaces prior to tiling or waterproofing concrete or structural fibre cement sheet floors.

High strength ≥ 30MPa
Smooth texture
Treat as concrete when cured
Use to achieve falls for runoff water or to level uneven floors

20kg covers 1m² at 10mm thick. To achieve an adequate fall to the waste in a 1m² shower alcove, approximately 40kg of Driscreed will be required.

Ardex X17

ARDEX X17 is a white polymer fortified cement-based wall and floor tile adhesive that has been specially formulated with mastic type properties. ARDEX X 17 has an extended open time, is non slump and flexible. Mix with water to achieve a mortar suitable for internal and external use in residential and light commercial applications. C2/TE/S1

Walls: 10m2 per 20kg
Floors: 6m2 per 20kg

Colours- White
20kg bag

Ardex X77

ARDEX X77 is a high performance, fibre reinforced, polymer modified wall and floor tile adhesive, which has been specially formulated with Microtec Technology to give exceptional properties of adhesion.

Achieves up to double the extended open time of E class adhesives
Achieves up to double the slump resistance of T class adhesives
More secure tiling system with Microtec Technology
Tile Types:
Fully vitrified and ceramic tiles, porcelain, concrete stone tiles e.g. terrazzo, natural stone (excluding moisture sensitive), glass and porcelain mosaics

Walls: 9m2 per 15kg
Floors: 6m2 per 15kg
Off White Powder
15kg bag