Wall Tiles

Be inspired by our diverse range of wall tiles, designed to appeal to every different style and taste.

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  • All Wood Esagona Abete

  • All wood Teak & Abete

  • Ardoise Musgo

  • Aria 1A

  • Barn Wood Esagona Mix Grey

  • Basic Concrete Black Mosaic

  • Blue Stone Beige Brick Mosaic

  • Blue Stone Light Grey Décor

  • Comfort C Beige Circle

  • Comfort C Ivory Plain and Beige Rug

  • Comfort G Grey Touch & Grey Mosaic Memories

  • Comfort G White Design

  • Comfort R Tin & Comfort C Beige Rug

  • Comfort R White

  • Comfort S Beige Esagona Mix

  • Entropia Antracite & Antracite Mosaic Anticato